Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

What difference 24 hours makes.

At this time yesterday, I'd just driven down to Connecticut from Boston.
It was going to be a quiet visit with Mom and Dad. I wasn't sure what my
summer plans were going to be, because I had a court appearance I was waiting to hear about, but I was hoping to get away sometime in August.

I arrived and looked at the mail that had piled up while I was away in
California. In the pile of bank statements, bills, and random junk was a
date for the court hearing I'd requested.

Hmmm. 11:10AM, 6-6-03. Somerville. Wait. For a brief moment I thought
I'd missed it already, which would've been annoying. A glance at the
calendar showed that it was *Friday*. Fifteen hours away.

Aw, hell.

So I apologized to Mom and Dad, and drove back north to Boston that night
so I wouldn't have to fight my way through morning traffic to be in time
for my court appearance.

Sometime after midnight, mostly out of curiosity, I decided to check one
last time to see if the fare to Europe I was unable to buy on Tuesday
(because I didn't want to leave with the case still unresolved)
might still be available. I wasn't very hopeful because most of the seats were already gone then.

It was!

After a lot of flailing around (and losing two better departure dates
while I was trying to reserve), I managed to get a couple of flights at
$178 round-trip. Yay!

Later that morning I went to court. Time passed while I waited for my
case. I spent most of it observing the odd assortment of people,
overhearing courthouse converation ("Listen, 'just driving around and
hanging out' is not going to cut it when you talk to the judge, okay?"),
and trying to stay awake.

When I finally did go in, it was over in two minutes. I didn't realize
they were dropping the charges until after they had done so.

Court officer: "I'm willing to waive this if there's no objection."

Police officer: "No objection."

And that was that. The clerk handed me my receipt, and I was free to go,
with smiles all around.


(Now all I need to do is get some sleep.)
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