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Thought for the day: #2, more kisses.

Very early Sunday morning, R and I were talking about kissing. She said so many people were eager to get past the kissing part, and move on, that she felt that they didn't pay sufficient attention to kissing as an act in and of itself. She's a big fan.

She's right, of course. Kissing is great fun, and we both think it doesn't get enough attention for itself, as opposed to a part of something else.

We spent a lot of time comparing notes about kissing styles, and the forcefulness and wetness of various kissers we both had kissed. There are, of course, variations in what people like, and we agreed on some things, and agreed to disagree on others.

It all made me realize I hadn't done enough intensive kissing over the last year, and that I should do something about that. Practice is both fun and educational!

So, I guess that's my resolution for this year, and going forward: more kissing!
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