Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Brazil Churrascaria

A churrascaria in Singapore? As carnivores, we really had to go.

Brazil Churrascaria
14/16 Sixth Avenue
Singapore, 276476
tel: 6463.1923
fax: 6463.1927
email: brchuras@singnet.com.sg
daily: 1830-2230
Catering available.
(last visited August 2003)

The first time we visited Brazil Churrascaria, julianyap explained its existence by explaining that the Singaporean owners came back from a visit to Brazil so pleased with the churrascaria rodizio idea that they decided to open one in Singapore. So far as I know it's the only one.

This most recent visit was with TC. He lives a short drive up the road, and was looking for an excuse to visit it, which my visit to Singapore provided.

The full rodizio experience is S$57 (US$32.40), plus 10% service, 1% CESS, and 4% GST. Really, I've never ordered anything else here, and I'm not sure what else there is to order here. Oh, we did have guaraná (S$5.50, US$3.10), which came decorated like a tropical cocktail. It was still just normal guaraná out of a bottle, but I imagine it came shipped in from Brazil.

The meat is quite good, and comes in the traditional manner, on long skewer/swords brought to your table by the waitstaff. How good? Definitely not as good as the best I had in Rio, but better than the usual run in Boston (e.g., Midwest Grill), and pretty good compared to the middle level of churrascaria rodizio places in Brazil.

Not bad, particularly considering that it's probably the only Brazilian churrascaria rodizio place within a five hour flight.
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