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Shashlik Restaurant

Many years ago, julianyap took me to a steak place in the Far East Shopping Centre on Orchard Road. I never got around to writing it up, but then he and a couple of the crowd who happened to be in town (which may have included monkeygod) and TC, decided we wanted to go back for old time's sake, so this time I'm actually writing it up.

Shashlik Restaurant Pte. Ltd.
545 Orchard Road #06-19
Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore, 238882
tel: 6732-6401
(last visit August 2003)
MRT: NS22 Orchard

Shashlik is an old-fashioned sizzling steak place in the style of the Coliseum Cafe in Kuala Lumpur, but with a Russian flavor, like that of the long-lost and lamented Cherikoff's in Hong Kong. That is, like the M, it does a Chinese take on steak, which means it comes sizzling on a hot iron, but it also has some Russian dishes, somewhat adapted to local taste.

I had borshch (S$14, US$8) to start, while someone else got the meat soup (S$6, US$3.40). I remember nothing about the meat soup but the borshch was pretty traditional: a reasonably generous bowl of beet and onion soup with a dollop of sour cream floating on top.

For our mains we got the lamb (S$18.50, US$10.50) and the beef (S$24, US$13.60). Both came sizzling on those big iron plates. The meat itself is of middling quality, but nonetheless tasty because of the marinade. Flavorful if not subtle.

Prices do not include 10% service and 4% GST.
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