Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

ishaa posted about http://maps.google.com/:

"Incredibly obvious (if not easy) things that they got right:
  • Don't make me type address, city, state, and zip in different fields!
    • I'm probably copying and pasting from another page
    • And how hard is it to parse a comma anyway?
  • Make bigger roads look bigger on the map
  • Pick colors that aren't hideous
  • In the list of directions, set off the part that takes you most of the time

And you can actually drag around the view of the map instead of clicking on buttons to go north, east, south, or west. The squares of the image load themselves in a separate thread.

"I thought Google Suggest was impressive JavaScript programming -- this is genius."

He has some updates which I cut for space, but go check his posting.
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