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In a friends-locked post recently, one of my friends discussed how people don't actually read what you write, but instead construct a virtual text from your title, a few fragments, and their own preconceptions.

A few minutes ago I realized something analogous happens when people don't hear what you say. It's all the worse when what you say isn't a very accurate reflection of the thoughts inside your head. And worse still when your primary focus is being witty, not transferring information.

I care very deeply about her. However, I find it very difficult to articulate that feeling to others. Not to her, fortunately, and that's reassuring. But it never comes out right when I try to explain it to anyone else.

Unrelated to that I had a (rather constructive and informative) rant building but it would have been better if I had had it about 48 hours ago so I could have presented it in a meeting. Perhaps it's more of a disquisition than a rant.
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