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So, those dreams from Friday morning.

and beowabbit among others, were trying to get to some unspecified event out in Western Massachusetts. I volunteer to drive them; the outbound trip is without incident, and I drop everyone off, but on the return alone I have a horrible accident. I see the shattered windshield before me--this memory is particularly vivid, and probably informed by one or both of the major accidents I have experienced from behind the broken glass of a smashed windshield--but curiously I feel very little emotional charge, and despite the wreckage, I feel no particular pain.

2) Abrupt fade into a car commercial; two identical sedans are speeding down a twisty mountain road, one following the other. There are the overhead and side shots one expects from a car commercial, and then, in a shocking change from the expected end of a normal advertisement, a van making a U-turn on the reverse slope of one of the hills is narrowly missed by the first car, then T-boned by the second. The collision is filmed from behind the van as it crosses the path of the car, and debris flies through the air in all directions. Fade to black screen with stark white lettering of a public service announcement to drive carefully.

3) I'm in the driver's side rear seat of a luxury sedan, with two co-workers in the front seat. We're all dressed in suits and driving through the streets of a city somewhere in the UK; this makes my rear seat the right-hand side. As one co-worker drives, we all talk business. I have no idea now what it is we're discussing but I know it's business. All seems normal, through cobblestoned streets with Victorian-era public buildings, until at some point the driver completely loses control and careens into a bus shelter, through a queue of passengers--killing or maiming a number of them)--and wrecks the car into the wall of one of the brownstone buildings. Again, I am looking out of a shattered windscreen, and I know (as one does in dreams) that my co-workers are dead. Again a fade to black, and again stark white lettering with a different slogan exhorting safe driving.

It took me a few minutes to recover from these when I woke up. I told bedfull_o_books, and she came to comfort me, but as I said and explained to her, there was remarkably little emotional charge. The rethinking was shocking, but the dream itself didn't seem to be.

Last night, there were two accidents within a mile of each other in the northbound lanes of I-95 in East Haven; the first was in the midst of being cleared, with a police cruiser blocking the lane so a flatbed could load the wreckage. Debris was still scattered across the single remaining lane.

The second was clearly recent as no one had responded yet; the pickup truck blocking the left lane, facing traffic, was blinding us all with its high beams, which did have the benefit of letting us all know that something was amiss. As we passed it we realized that the loadbed had been crushed, and the vehicle probably wasn't moving on its own soon. Just off to the right was the SUV which had smashed into it and spun it around, blocking some of the right lane. All traffic was carefully "threading the needle" through the space left between the two wrecked vehicles, and crunching over various bits which they'd shed during their collision.

I suppose my dreaming mind likes reminding me of the road's daily dangers.
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