Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Public Service Announcement: If you're one of the unfortunates driving this long weekend along the Northeast Corridor of North America between Boston and Washington, be aware that the Connecticut State Police appear to have gotten approval for their officers to work some serious overtime.

There was as usual a "Welcome to Pennsylvania" cruiser trap sitting in the center divider of I-83 at the border with Maryland, but for sheer number and activity, the Connecticut State Police were unmatched today.

I saw many speed traps, a number of motorists pulled over and interacting with officers, and at least one police cruiser in hot pursuit, nearly all of them on I-84. And I was in Connecticut for less than two hours.

In other exciting news, I saw a rollover in the median on I-78 in Western New Jersey as well as a tractor-trailer that apparently hit the car that had rolled over. Fortunately for me they were in the other direction, so I also got to see the miles-long tailback that resulted from the emergency response.

Stay safe out there.
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