Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

There was a recent article in the Cranky Flyer discussing JetBlue's expansion of Mint to more routes. Mint is their premium cabin service, and the article discussed the effect this might have in raising their competitors' standards for premium class service within the United States, which is notably sub-standard compared to premium class service overseas, even from US carriers.

You can fly from Boston to San Francisco in JetBlue's premium cabin, which they call Mint, for $599 one way. Not bad, particularly if you're going at short notice and you're being forced to pay walk-up pricing anyway. Six hundred dollars is pretty good for a lie-flat seat, nice food, and a private suite if you're traveling with someone.

I compared this to my benchmark transcontinental premium class offering, which is on Cathay Pacific between New York JFK and Vancouver. It also offers a lie-flat seat in business class, but it's $2,935. (It's an international three-class aircraft, so it also has an even nicer lie-flat seat option in first class for $3,732.) So the JetBlue offering is a pretty good deal, for what it is.

I hope they're successful. I don't generally fly in the premium cabin, but that pricing is within reach for a splurge.

(I own no shares in JetBlue and have no interest in the airline other than as a satisfied customer.)

JetBlue's page on their premium class service.

Cathay Pacific's page on their business class service.
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