Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Postscript to the previous posting; sorry, no cut.

2230, Thursday: after calling V's cell and getting her voicemail, then discovering I've returned too late to the Off-Broadway to meet them there, I put Plan B into effect and go to lisa_bee's room for SR, assuming that emilymorgan and novawolf, being the friendly sort, will have invited V and A to accompany them, and that V and A, being the venturesome sort, will have accepted. (orewashinanai had said he'd have had to leave before then, so I'd assumed he wouldn't have been in the discussion, not that I think he'd have been any less friendly or welcoming.)

2300: More serendipity ensues as I find out after I arrive that V knows lisa_bee from CTY or something, and has visited her at her place before!--discussion of the tiny size of the world ensues--and I'm pleased to find them warm, snug, and happy in her room, instead of wandering, lost and folorn, around New Haven's snowy streets.

I sit next to V and she helps me fill envelopes with Chinese New Year cards. Thanks!

0130, Friday: emilymorgan, J, holmes_iv, V, A, and I are still hanging out in lisa_bee's room; finally, after J and holmes_iv have an attack of sanity and decide they really need to go to sleep, and emilymorgan decides to seize the chance to go home when there's someone to walk with her, we finally leave lisa_bee's room so she can actually get some rest. Many thanks for hosting!

0200: I give V and A a ride to their car, parked a few blocks away, then help clear their car of snow, after which they follow me to the interstate over the treacherously slick streets. We wave to each other as we go our separate ways up the ramps.
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