Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

A day in the life.

2005, Wednesday, call bedfull_o_books from Connecticut to suggest meeting at OPN at cthulhia's instead of at the church where she's doing costume stuff for the show because I won't be up before 2230, and that's after she said she'd head to OPN. Redial many, many times because she's on the phone with Dad and doesn't clear the line until 2015.

Drive from Connecticut to Boston in the minivan; have an odd incident on the Pike with a MSP cruiser pacing me in the lane to my left and then flashing it's blue lights at me; slow and start to pull over assuming he's going to ticket me for 80 in a 65, but he simply shuts his lights off and drives away. Assume it's a "drive-by warning" to quote N's comment at OPN, and move on.

2230: arrive at OPN, see happyfunpaul exiting as I enter; see a whole pile of other people (including bridgetminerva and chanaleh, neither of whom I see for more than about five seconds) who leave in the next half hour but do connect with bedfull_o_books as planned.

2340: after being fed by cthulhia--thanks!--and watching Jon Stewart with various folks remaining from OPN, I realize I have promised to bring a router over to the J, so I duck out and agree to meet bedfull_o_books at her place after dropping off the router.

2355: show up at the J, ask S what to do with the router; he suggests either down in the basement or up in monkeygod's room. I wake monkeygod up and am extremely apologetic--still am, sorry C!
Hang out very briefly with contrariety and apintrix as they read amusing online anime site; take off after saying hello and goodbye to MC.

0120, Thursday: after spending a completely inordinate amount of time looking for a parking space, arrive at bedfull_o_books's place and make plans for loading the van in the morning, and possibly driving bedfull_o_books (and possibly cthuhlia) to work because the Red Line is fux0red because of a gas explosion.

0845: wake up and spend some time recovering from three successive dreams, each of which ends in an automobile crash, all of which I am in, lots of broken glass, smashed vehicles, dead people, very disturbing. May post about this later.

0900: bedfull_o_books calls cthuhlia to ask if she still wants a ride to work; she does, we agree to pick her up in 20 minutes as we still have an air-conditioner to move to the minivan. We play musical cars with the vehicles and move the minivan to a space across the street which has just opened up. After much effort switching ends we get the A/C into the van.

0925: arrive at cthulhia's. On the way downtown she convinces us to drive all the way into town. This works because I need to find Chinese New Year cards ASAP. I drop off both within a block of work and then drive in a circuitous route to Chinatown, where, after some digging, I unearth a parking space and go in search of CNY cards, which I find, fortunately. Pick up a Vietnamese sandwich take-out, stopping off at the bank for money and the post office for stamps.

1205: I promptly get the car stuck in a parking space in front of bedfull_o_books's place. Spin the wheels for a few minutes, dig a bit, and then go inside because I have to call chris_warrior during her lunch break, which ends at 1230, so we can make plans for Friday, which I do.

Start eating the sandwich, decide to dig some more, come back out with gardening implements and chip away at the ice which the drive wheels seem to have landed on, causing the bogging. Free car after about 15 minutes, and then go back and finish lunch.

Begin loading the rest of bedfull_o_books random cruft, boxes and extra costumes. Cruft and boxes to my storage unit, costumes to JTDIII.

1515: finally get on the road after letting bedfull_o_books know I've loaded all her stuff, head straight for the storage unit in Connecticut.

1723: arrive at the storage unit, begin unloading.

1738: finish unloading, drive to ADP for dinner with various and sundry siblings, including dorianx, magustenebrarum, and seirei, who stops by to say hello to the visiting T. Dinner is excellent and filling but takes significantly longer than planned. choirsoftheeye asks what I'm up to later as I leave, and I tell him I'm meeting V and A in New Haven.

1830: call V about meeting in New Haven; reach A, turns out this is extremely good timing as they have exited in an unknown (to them) place and can use directions on how to get back to I-91. Agree to meet them after they get out from the show they're seeing at the Off-Broadway Performance Space

1915: arrive at LSDH in time to catch novawolf, emilymorgan, orewashinanai, holmes_iv, and lisa_bee and hang out until orewashinanai reminds folks they need to be at the Off-Broadway in order to catch the show; decide to tag along in case V and A are already there so I can introduce people to each other.

2005: show should have started by now but as luck would have it, V and A don't arrive until now and so hanging about in the sleet waiting with everyone has worked out; introductions all around. Then run off back to parents to return minivan. Arrange to meet V & A after show.
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