Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Chromebook repair options.

1) Mail the chromebook to Acer's national service center in Temple, TX. All warranty repairs must go through that center. Take my chances with shipping, and with Acer's decision about whether the backlight failure is covered by its limited warranty. (Reports online say this is a crapshoot, as some claim that Acer has a blanket policy of claiming screen problems are wear and tear, and thus not covered by warranty.)

Turnaround will be a couple of weeks. If they agree to cover it under repair, I will only have to pay for postage and packing.

2) Take the chromebook to MicroCenter, an authorized repair center within a short drive. Their estimate is about $165, between parts and labor. They can do the repair within a day or so once the part arrives. That usually takes a week or so after they order it.

3) Drive to Acer's national service center and present the chromebook in person. This is only a reasonable option because I have a trip to Austin planned. Austin is approximately an hour from Temple. This saves shipping costs and time and adds the possibility of immediate feedback from Acer as to whether they will deny my warranty claim, so I can if necessary withdraw the request and go with 2) or some variation.

Problems with 3): no one at Acer over the weekend is empowered to tell me whether an in-person delivery/pickup is even permitted; my trip to Austin won't be happening this week, so I have to wait longer before my machine is repaired.

I'm thinking of just throwing money at the problem and doing 2), but 3) appeals to my somewhat odd sense of humor.
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