Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

My only New Year's resolution.

Believe it or not, I have made it to 2016 without a comprehensive password management solution. This has to stop. In fact, I have made it my New Year's resolution.

So, does anyone have a recommendation for password management on Android/Linux? I go to (as S put it) relatively high-risk destinations but I use a VPN when I do so. (I blame a dodgy public computer at a hostel in Nantucket for subjecting my friend list to email spam, so I carry my own netbook everywhere now.)

I have an Android phone and a Chromebook that I use as my primary travel devices. I use them extensively for communication. (Current open apps and windows include: Whatsapp, Twitter, my phone's SMS client, Facebook, dreamwidth, LiveJournal, Google+, ello, Yahoo! mail, and probably some others I've forgotten.)

I also do travel bookings using the netbook. I also use the smartphone for transit navigation extensively, but that doesn't require my logging in.

I do some financial transactions now and again, but only over the VPN.

Any suggestions very welcome.
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