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Well, that was unpleasant.

The drive up from Connecticut took much longer than expected largely due to my spectacular skill in managing to drive at the leading edge of a fifteen-to-twenty minute line of rain squalls moving east across New England. As I left New Haven, the reports were that it was crossing the NY-CT state line. When I arrived at the storage unit, it was reported to be at Bridgeport, and when I left, it was in Central Connecticut. Within minutes, this was obvious, because it was on top of me.

Apparently, my speed along I-84 and I-90 was just high enough to get me out from under it and to the leading edge, but not fast enough to lose it.

I was supposed to meet folks at The Snack Bar, so I went there anyhow, though I was sure they'd left already. Sorry for being late, guys. I had dinner there anyway, alone, and it was quite tasty.

To add insult to injury, the heavens opened up as I was walking to the restaurant.
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