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Cafe Ophelia

Second in a series of serendipitous postings.

Laura and I had intended to go to Mandarin Gourmet. However, when we got there, its lunch hours had just ended, and it was closed until dinner. On entering the parking lot I'd noticed a large banner for Cafe Ophelia, in the strip mall behind Mandarin Gourmet, so I suggested we go there instead.

Cafe Ophelia
10118 Bandley Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel: +1.408.255.1099

no hours listed on either menu or business card but I guess from some menu notes that they are open M-F 1100-2330, Sa-Su 1100-0200

(three other locations:

Cafe Ophelia Hot Rock Grill
516 Barber Ln
Milpitas, CA 95035
Tel: +1.408.943.1020

Cafe Ophelia
46801 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539
Tel: +1.510.668.0998

Champion Teppanyaki
46851 Warm Springs Blvd Fremont CA 94539
Tel: +1.510.770.0918

http://www.cafeophelia.com/default.htm [English page]
http://www.222.to/cafeophelia/default.asp [mostly Chinese page]

Note: menus differ radically at different locations)

Cafe Ophelia's Cupertino branch appears to be a Chinese 'Western' restaurant, in the way that 'Across the Bridge' in San Francisco Japantown is a Japanese 'Western' restaurant. The menu is eclectic, including everything from 'Sizzling Germen (sic) pork knuckle' to Kimchi Surf & Turf Hot Pot. In the evenings they have various different varieties of Hot Pot (a.k.a. steamboat).

Full disclosure: I quite like the various Asian spins on Western food, but it's important not to judge the food against one's expectations of Western dishes. It really is a cuisine unto itself. It is probably no accident that there only one other table of non-Chinese came to the restaurant while we were there.

Laura ordered the beef wok-stir noodle w/satay sauce ($7.80) which came with a cup of some unidentified seaweed soup. She said the soup was too salty. I got the spaghetti with bacon and broccoli cream sauce ($7.80) which came with a cup of unexciting seafood chowder and a slice of garlic bread. My spaghetti was just what I expected it to be. The bacon was the crispy side of chewy, and the small broccoli florets lightly cooked. A flavorful Asian cream sauce completed the generous portion. (The Asian cream sauces I've had seem to have less cream and cheese in them than Western ones; this is not a failing but a difference in style.)

There is a large variety of beverages, from various pearl milk teas to Brazil and Vienna Coffees. I had the mango eggnog juice ($3.20), which turned out to be something like a mango egg cream.

One gets the impression that the menu was translated by someone for whom English was a second language, as some of the names don't really match the actual dish. For example, while the "beef wok-stir noodle w/satay sauce" was tasty it didn't actually seem to have the peanut sauce one associates with the name 'satay sauce'. I think what they may have wanted to say is "marinated broiled beef". "Wok-stir" is obvious from context but not really English. The "mango eggnog juice" name has similar issues.

Cafe Ophelia is a place I'd categorize as a novelty act. It's not for everybody, but it's okay for what it is.
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