Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Cows Creamery opens in Beijing.

Cows, the Prince Edward Island ice cream and T-shirt chain, recently opened its first shop outside Canada in Beijing. They shipped 12,000 tubs of ice cream to China to do it, and even had P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz at the opening.

The video is basically a commercial, but one with absurdly cute kids in cow costumes.

The ice cream isn't cheap, at 35 RMB ($5.66) for a single scoop and 59 RMB ($9.54) for a double, but you're paying for both shipping from Canada and for pricey real estate in Sanlitun.

Cows Creamery
1-103 Shimao Gongsan
Chaoyang District (across the street from Heaven Supermarket)
朝阳区 工体北路13号院世贸工三1号楼103
Tel: 8212 6911
Metro: Tuanjiehu (Line 10)
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