Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

BuzzFeed's takedown of Brandy Melville's idea of "one size fits all".

Refinery29 did a post about what happened when BuzzFeed found five women of varying sizes to try on seven pieces from Brandy Melville:
[W]hile A&F has seen its fair share of controversy, Brandy Melville perpetuated a contentious concept Abercrombie has not: one-size-fits-all clothing. With almost 50 stores worldwide and a booming e-commerce site, the Italian-based retailer has popularized the “Brandy Girl” image. She’s the high-school popular girl with long hair and even longer legs, and she's attended Coachella for the last five years. She is also, it seems, probably between a size 00 and 2. At last, BuzzFeed decided to call the all-American retailer on its narrow definition of "all."
I like that BuzzFeed found women with a wide variety of body shapes to try pieces on, apparently without having to go beyond their own staff. Their reactions are occasionally surprising and often hilarious.

Kristen had what I thought was the best one-sentence summary: "I don’t think these clothes are so much ‘one size fits all’ as much as they are ‘one size fits a mystery size, to be revealed when you actually try it on.’"

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