Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

There are a lot of reasons to like Iceland.

One of the more obscure reasons is that they like coming up with wacky phrase guides. I remember frotz and tb showing me about one that included English to Icelandic translations of phrases like "I am a Viking!" and "You are cute!"

This post from Iceland Magazine came out a few months ago, but is still worth a look if you haven't seen it:

10 Useless Icelandic phrases you should not bother to learn:
While visiting Iceland it's useful to know some key phrases in Icelandic, like góðan dag/good day, takk fyrir/thank you and matseðilinn takk/the menu please. Then you have some you should not bother with. Here are ten.
It then lists the phrases, first in Icelandic, then in English. Each has an explanation of why the phrase is useless. Finally, there is a Mixcloud audio clip you can play to perfect your pronunciation of phrases you are not supposed to bother learning.

This is a particular kind of droll Icelandic humor I really appreciate.
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