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Yes, yes, Thanksgiving was a week ago, I know.

We're still eating leftover turkey, though, so I'm posting. Besides, monkeygod hasn't posted yet about the dinner we all had on Friday night, so I have no photos to grab and post here.

Anyway, Thursday bedfull_o_books and I went to her family homestead and had a traditional Thanksgiving turkey feast, with a large bird, an intriguing stuffing--what was in that, btw?--mashed potatoes, sweet potato, turnips, cranberry sauce, cranberry chutney, and broccoli rabe. Quite tasty, and if I hadn't been recovering from the 24 hour stomach bug that appears to have gone around, I'd have eaten a lot more of it. But bedfull_o_books's Mom helpfully prescribed and provided some fresh ginger which helped a great deal. Thanks much for that, and for the wonderful dinner!

Friday, a crowd of us went over to the Junction for Sam and MC's Thanksgiving bash. Beef short ribs and roast duck were the centerpieces. They did a fantastic job. (Clearly planning that we'd all have seen plenty of turkey, they chose their entrees wisely.) There are plenty of pictures of the food and of us all, but as I said before I don't have them yet. Dinner was excellent, and there was much good cheer. In fact, the liquid component of "good cheer" averaged more than a bottle of wine and spirits per person, which by any reasonable standard is plenty.

Saturday, we went down to Connecticut for Dave and Lynne's annual Thanksgiving turkey and lasagna party; the usual crowd of friends from high school attended. There was a largish bird, which fed several dozen, along with three trays of lasagna--one each of spinach, ground beef, and sausage--and much catching up, as I hadn't attended in a couple of years. The food was mighty fine, as was the company.

So, three days of feasting. More than usual for me. I'm still recovering (and eating leftovers).
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