Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Saint Harridan - Masculine clothing and accessories for women and transmen.

My friend cme recently recommended Saint Harridan. Since at least a couple of my friends have expressed interest in the kinds of clothes they sell, I thought I'd post about them in case other friends are looking for suits, dress shirts, and the like.

cme went to one of their pop-up shops recently and bought some clothes. As she described the process to me I realized that she was describing an experience that was very reminiscent of the standard men's experience in buying formal or business clothing. Saint Harridan sounds like it's reproducing the men's formal wear shopping experience for a new audience.

This makes all kinds of sense, of course. If you're selling the same sort of clothing it seems reasonable to use a process that has produced good results in the past. But it was particularly intriguing to me to hear it described by someone who had no previous personal experience of buying formal men's wear and for whom it was a novel clothes-buying process.

She says that one other advantage of going to one of their physical locations, pop-up or otherwise, is that they have a much larger variety of fabrics available there than they do on their website.

There's no particularly good business reason this market niche has been left unfilled by men's formal clothing specialists--I'm pretty sure a good tailor can build a suit for anybody, given practice and time--but what I hear is that women and transmen continue to have issues getting good fit from the existing men's clothing vendors. It's good to see a company entering this market.
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