Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Steel-cut oats in the rice cooker.

Making steel-cut oats in the rice cooker is a little less fire-and-forget than steaming corn on the cob. I think it's because the cooker only has two settings: "cook" and "warm". "Cook" results in a merry rolling boil in the steam heater, while "warm" simply keeps the food warm.

"Cook" seems a little too high for steel-cut oats and in any case doesn't last very long, whereas "warm" seems like it would never cook the oats at all.

I ran the cooker through a couple of cycles in "cook" and feel the consistency of the oats is a little less smooth and creamy than I get from my overnight crock-pot recipe. The crock-pot recipe produces excellent results. And having to run the cooker repeatedly, adding water to the steam heater (not the oats) each time, is more attention-intensive than using the crock-pot, which really is a "set it up and leave it alone for six hours" kind of process.

Both the rice cooker method and the crock-pot method result in pots with some pretty seriously stuck-on oats.

More experimentation is required, I think.
Tags: food
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