Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Juyoh Hotel

When W heard I was stopping over in Tokyo on my way home he recommended the Juyoh Hotel as a cheap, pleasant place to stay. He was right, and I've since recommended it myself. Thanks, W!

Juyoh Hotel
2-15-3 Kiyokawa
Tokyo 111-0022
tel: +81.3.3875.5362
fax: +81.3.5603.5775
email: info@juyoh.co.jp
Subway and commuter rail: Minamisenju (Hibiya or JR Joban)
check-out 1000, check-in 1600, curfew at 0100.

The Juyoh seems like a low-end Japanese hotel that discovered they could fill rooms with foreigners, too. It still has a number of Japanese quirks but seems to cope okay with foreigners. The older guy who is often at the front desk doesn't speak English, which is okay because one of the younger people does, though he's not available a lot of the time.
The older guy was a lot nicer to the three Irish girls than he was to me, but that's no surprise, either. In any case the staff do manage to reply to email reservations promptly, and in English.

Singles are ¥3200, and the web page has a 10% discount coupon. Twin rooms--of which there are only three--are ¥6200. The 73 single rooms are all three-tatami mat sized (i.e., snug) with TV, air-conditioning, and fridge. There's a futon and a buckwheat pillow, as well as comforters and sheets.

Facilities are on each floor. There are also a couple of shower rooms on various floors, and a Japanese-style bath on the top floor.

There's free net from a couple of computers in the ground floor lounge. There's also a weird safe deposit machine in the lounge which I had to ask the cleaning staff how to use. Fortunately, they speak Mandarin (I suspect they're all from China).

Getting here is pretty simple. It's about ten minutes walk in a straight line from Minamisenju station. There's a bus from Minamisenju but it'd be a waste of ¥200 to take it unless you really had a lot of gear with you. The 46 bus stops right outside on its way to Ueno for the Keisei Skyliner train to Narita airport, which is the way I got myself to Narita the morning I left.

The neighborhood is quiet and unfashionable, but as safe as anyplace in Tokyo. There are a variety of restaurants and convenience stores nearby.

Aside from the 1AM curfew this place was perfect for a three-day layover.
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