Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Yesterday evening's excitement was brief but alarming.

I was in the center lane of US 1 north just after Ryders Lane in New Brunswick when the white sedan in front of me nearly disappeared in a big cloud of dark smoke. Fortunately I wasn't following too closely and the drivers to our right got out of the sedan's way as he cut hard to the shoulder.

As the smoke cleared it was obvious that Something Bad had happened to the car's left front wheel, which was canted over at an angle. Possibly the tie rod end had failed.

In any case the acrid smell of burning rubber made it obvious that the sideways tire burning had generated all the smoke.

Well done getting the car off the travel lanes with only three functioning wheels. Also good job of everyone else staying out of his way while he got over. I imagine the cloud of smoke was useful encouragement to all involved.
Tags: travel
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