Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Montrose Spa

infinitehotel brought up the subject of Cuban sandwiches, and mentioned that Montrose Spa was right down Mass Av. I get obsessed easily, so I dragged bedfull_o_books down there the next day. We were prepared to be disappointed because it was a Sunday, but it was open anyway.

Montrose Spa
1646 Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
tel: +1.617.547.5053
daily: 0700-2100 (deli hours; store stays open until 2300)
T: Harvard or Porter (pretty much halfway between)

Montrose Spa is an old-fashioned corner grocery with a deli. It just happens that they do a great Cuban sandwich: pork, ham, mortadella, swiss, pickles, and mustard, on french bread, pressed flat on their grill. The sandwiches are pretty good value for $5.95.

They do a variety of other sandwiches, none of which I've tried yet.

In nice weather, you can sit at one of the tables outside.

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