Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Two rants from other people I really needed to share.

A good rant is good even if you don't know or care about the underlying issue the ranter is on about. I started my day reading these two, and now I have a smile on my face:

Jason Torchinsky, of Jalopnik on Pat Robertson and Rabbi Daniel Lapin:
I grew up in the South, and encountered all sorts of exciting anti-Semitism, of all kinds — I'm a Christ-killer, I'm cheap, I'm disgustingly rich, but the one that actually bothered me the most was the idea that I have to be some fumbling nebbish who can't hold a wrench.

It often wasn't even that vicious — just an expression of surprise when someone who knew me as a Jew first and a person second found me working on my car, or talking about cars or whatever. I feel like finally this stupid old trope is going away, and then assholes like Rabbi Lapin go on national TV and gleefully re-enforce this same old shit all over again.

So, my plea here is that nobody listen to Rabbi Lapin. He has no idea what he's talking about. Sure, I bet he can tell you if otter meat is kosher, but beyond that, ignore him. Actually, I'm not even sure how trustworthy he is on anything else, since in this interview he also said that Hebrew has no words for "adolescent" or "retire."

Really? מתבגר and לפרוש. Google Translate, bitch.
Bryce Rudow, of The Daily Banter, on the website Elite Daily:
You see, the real genius behind Elite Daily isn’t just the douchey attitudes copped in order to shock and offend — radio station DJs, stand-up comedians, and Tucker Max have been doing that since David Arabov was spending his time in AOL chat rooms — it’s that they have an endless supply of content from a worldwide collection of contributors at their disposal, and they are throwing all that shit at the wall and just hoping something sticks to it (and to your wall too, and your friend’s wall, and your friend’s friend’s wall, etc).

You know how many people want to be writers? A lot.

You know how many other people think they “easily could be a writer” if they really wanted to and had the time? Even more.

But where other journalists might just bite their tongues while dying a little on the inside whenever people start talking like that, Elite Daily capitalized on this situation and gave them all a forum, a form, and a formula for (internet) fame:

“If you write like this, for free, you can be a contributor to one of the largest online publications on the web! You will be validated!”

They shouted this to expanse of the infinite internet, and now they have over 500 worldwide contributors helping to keep them at that 50-75 post a day average. Those contributors turn more people onto the site, multiplying its readership and potential future contributor pool like a virus. Elite Daily effectively created the internet’s snazziest looking sweatshop and got people to sign up for volunteer shifts. In fact, a posting for a Copy Editor position at the site says that that editor would be responsible for editing, revising, and proofreading up to 50-60 articles per day.
Pat Robertson being a professional idiot is obviously common knowledge, but I had no idea either Rabbi Lapin or Elite Daily existed. I had fun reading both pieces anyway.
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