Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Twice in one winter is really not fair, not for Atlanta.

From Dr. Jeff Masters' blog on Weather Underground:
Atlanta, Georgia, which was shut down by the 2.6" of snow Winter Storm Leon brought to the city on January 28, has been shut down again on Wednesday by Winter Storm Pax. Downtown Atlanta had already received 1/2" of sleet and 1/4" of freezing rain as of 7:30 am EST, making travel dangerous or impossible. Up to 1/2" of ice and 3 - 5" of snow are predicted for the city; Atlanta has only had seven snowstorms in its history greater than 4". The 7 am EST weather balloon launched from Atlanta iced up too much and was lost at about 630mb (12,500'). They decided not to launch another one, since it would probably suffer the same fate.
There are predictable flight cancellations at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and at Charlotte Douglas.

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