Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

#deportbieber is trending, apparently.

A CNN op-ed from Ruben Navarrette points out the special treatment Justin Bieber is getting in comparison to most immigrants who violate the law in the United States:
You know it's going to be a strange week when the hashtag #DeportBieber. is trending on Twitter.


Bieber is in the United States on an O-1 work visa that was designed to retain foreigners with "extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics."

What Bieber has is an extraordinary knack for getting into trouble.


Bieber isn't known for doing smart things, but the one smart thing that Team Bieber did is what the rich and spoiled often do when they land in jail in South Florida. Bieber's manager hired Roy Black, the Miami-based celebrity defense lawyer who is as skilled in front of a television camera as in front of a jury.

Black said this week that he hoped the case against Bieber would proceed "as any other case would."

C'mon, Roy. Really? If this case had proceeded like any other -- or at least, like many others -- your client might be in Calgary by now. The immigration enforcement apparatus does not look favorably upon non-U.S. citizen foreigners who commit crimes and get arrested.
Obviously, the American justice system works differently if you're rich. Duh.

ETA: Apparently, while #deportbieber was trending in the States, #keepbieber was trending in Canada. One tweet said: "The fact that the US is trending #deportbieber & Canada is trending #keepbieber reminds me of 3 year olds arguing over a toy no one likes."

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