Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

This was an excellent evening for a hot tub soak.

We've just emerged from the community tub at Inman Oasis. Days like today are why I got a Frequent Soaker Package (ten half-hour soaks). I bought it years ago and have gradually been working my way through them.

I'm inspired by this to do a bit more planning for the "Spa Town Tour of the World" I've been thinking of ever since going to Baden-Baden some years ago. There really are a lot of potential stops.

Also, ever since sukitawdry suggested it ages ago, I've wanted to visit a jjimjilbang. There's been one in North Jersey for some years now which got a review in NJ Monthly a couple of years ago, a blogpost with lots of photos last spring and more recently a writeup in the Star-Ledger. Completely unsurprisingly, they run shuttles from Flushing and Manhattan.

Anyway, more hot tubbing. :)
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