Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

This was bound to happen.

Reported on TechCrunch yesterday under the headline "Such Hack. Many Dogecoin. Very Disappear. So Gone. Wow.":
Dogecoin, the virtual currency that was named after a silly meme but has been described as a potential successor to Bitcoin, was successfully hacked for the first time today, with Dogewallet users losing an estimated 21 million Dogecoins.


Each Dogecoin is currently worth about US$0.00057. Together, the stolen Dogecoins are the equivalent of about $12,000, which is not a massive amount, but still a loss for users who spent a lot of time accumulating the virtual currency.


Along with several hacking attempts on Bitcoin wallets, the Dogecoin incident is a reminder that all online wallets are vulnerable to hacking.
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