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Another quick restaurant note: Hophouse/Kimchi Restaurant, Dublin, Ireland.

I visited the Hophouse/Kimchi as part of my continuing attempt to visit Asian neighborhoods in world cities. Dublin's Asian community is small, but the neighborhood along Parnell Street was mere blocks from where I was staying, so it was an easy walk. Hop House/Kimchi Restaurant turned out to be a reasonable choice for dinner.


160-161 Parnell Street
Dublin 1, Ireland
Tel: +353.01.872.8318 / +353.01.872.8536

Mo-Th: 12:00 - 23:00
Fr, Sa: 12:00 - 23:30
Su: 12:00 - 22:30

Dublin Bus 40b, 40d, 120: Parnell Street, Gate Hotel (Stop 6004)
Dublin Bus 40b, 40d: Parnell Street, Marlborough Street (Stop 6071)
Dublin Bus 4, 7, 7d, 8, 40b, 40d, 120: O'Connell St, Parnell Street (Stop 4725)
Dublin Bus 1, 38, 38a, 38b, 44: Parnell Square, Gate Theatre (Stop 265)

It's really not hard for me to work out the exact day I last ate at the Kimchi restaurant. The Hop House was full of cheering fans watching a football game. To be precise, it was full of fans watching the Brazil-South Korea Olympic semifinal. That means I was there on 7 August 2012, starting sometime after 19:45, as the game was already on when I sat down.

Service was as a result more distracted than usual, both from the game itself, which could be heard from the adjoining Hop House pub, and because the staff were busy keeping up with all the orders from the fans. The Hop House and Kimchi Restaurant are really one big room with a wall partially dividing them. Normally, I'm pretty sure the place isn't particularly noisy but this night was special. I think a good chunk of the Korean community in Dublin was watching the game here.

South Korea went on to lose 0-3 to Brazil, which in many ways constitutes a kind of victory. They later beat Japan in the consolation round to win the Olympic bronze medal.


Aside from the distraction the service was actually quite good. As was the food. I had bulgogi (€12.90), which the menu says is their signature dish. There wasn't a grille at the table but it was fine nonetheless. It came with the usual pickled side dishes and rice. I also had a half from the bar but I can't remember which beer except that it was Irish, not Korean.

All in all, a fine choice if you're in Dublin and you want Korean food. It's not Seoul, or even Koreatown, but for where it is it's an entirely credible choice.
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