Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

ESPN Radio commercial in Spanish.

Just a few minutes ago, while listening to the Astros-Cardinals game, I heard a commercial for the Baseball Tomorrow Fund (a charitable fund to build baseball diamonds that Major League Baseball is doing). The fund isn't that important, but the advertisement is, because it was in Spanish.

I think this is great, but is my surprise at this only because I haven't been listening to ESPN Radio? Does this happen all the time, an advertisement in a different language from the program it's placed in, and I just haven't been paying attention? I haven't heard this kind of multi-lingual imbedding since Singapore, where Mandarin ads sometimes appear in the middle of English-language programming.

(The other odd thing about it is that the Spanish-language ad gave baseballtomorrowfund.com as a URL, and the whole page is in English. I can't find a Spanish-language link, except one buried in a pulldown to MLB Español. This seems like a bad plan.)
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