Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Wow, this is a lot of people. The motorcycle cops are now coming down Brookline Ave. The cops are reacting very quickly.

Along Landsdowne St. a car trying to make its way through had its windows smashed and people tried to turn it over. Now there are some mounted cops making their way through.

There's a report that some buttheads broke into Fenway, but no details. We can see a lot of people who have climbed up onto the beams on the outside of Fenway, but the park itself is dark.

There's also a report that tear gas was fired to try and disperse the crowd but that doesn't seem to have had much effect. More or less it looks like the cops are going to try and move along the streets and clear people out of the area. They have one of those big white school buses, possibly so they have somewhere to put the people they arrest.

Fortunately it looks like the police planned ahead so the situation isn't too hairy; most people look like they're just having fun celebrating but there were a few jerks whose idea of celebration is to break things.

But wow, it's a lot of people. Particularly considering there wasn't even a game here tonight.
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