Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Friends who work in law, finance, or gaming: I have a page you should have a look at.


From the description:
This game is brought to you by True Office, and was developed in partnership with with Thomson Reuters Accelus. Their real insider trading game is longer, and they’ve kindly given us this mini-version for a limited period.


True Office has taken those incredibly boring snoring compliance tests that loads of people have to do every year and made them fun. Actually fun. It’s pretty cool… and/or our memory of taking the dry version of these tests is pretty darn awful.
I'd call it more a graphical version of those compliance tests rather than an actual game, but if your job has anything to do with this sort of thing, it's worth a look.

It's only available until Friday, October 4th, so check it out this week.
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