Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

"I look at normal websites from my mobile device, and mobile websites from my desktop computer."

tb and amb and I were talking about that absurd state of affairs. Mobile websites often fail to provide the full functionality offered on the regular website, so mobile users often find themselves reloading to look at the normal website. Normal websites have huge amounts of bloat, so if you want quick loading you load the mobile site instead.

This is dumb.

In a related development, after fighting with Chrome off and on all day, I have finally gotten it to send the user-agent string I specify. Apparently there is a known bug in Chrome for linux which means it doesn't respond to a change in the user-agent string under the developer tools option. I finally installed a plug-in which does the right thing, and now I'm sending out a user-agent string identifying my device as an Android phone. This seems to be working okay on this extremely memory-bound netbook. For different bug-related reasons, memory expansions are not recognized by the OS.

But I think I need a new travel machine.

ETA: I said OS, I mean bios. There is a huge amount of ranting on line about it, but it all happened after I bought the machine.
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