Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Frozen yogurt boom, again.

theloriest and I were driving past the many, many new frozen yogurt places which have popped up on Mass Ave. in the last year when I let loose one of my pet rants. (It's a small one, really. It only gets free when I see one too many froyo shops.)

To me, frozen yogurt isn't a replacement for ice cream. It's a different frozen treat entirely. Sometimes--like tonight--I want frozen yogurt. Other times, ice cream is what I crave. theloriest pointed out that for her, soft serve and hard packed are also different from each other. I can agree with that.

And there are other times when what I want is Italian ice. Which is yet again different from shaved ice. To me, they're different desserts and fill different niches, even if they are all frozen. None of them replace each other, any more than Greek yogurt replaces rice pudding or almond tofu (杏仁豆腐).

bedfull_o_books said it all reminded her of the froyo boom of the '80s, when TCBY franchises were popping up everywhere. Here we are again, thirty years later. That's about the time it takes for a new generation to come along.

Are we in a froyo bubble? Daniel Gross ends a piece for the Daily Beast by asking:
Is there room for all these fro-yo shops? Probably not. But we are nowhere near saturation. There are plenty of upscale towns that may only have two or three fro-yo outlets. And there are vast stretches of the nation that have yet to be carpet-bombed with cutesy shops. At some point, the fro-yo business could run into a deep freeze.
Camberville has already been carpet-bombed.
Tags: food
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