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[Boston] The MBTA has a survey up about six new schematic maps.

From http://s.zoomerang.com/s/mbtamapsurvey (go there to see the maps in full size, comment, and vote):
This past spring, the MBTA launched the New Perspectives MBTA Map Re-design competition. The response was overwhelming, not only because of the dozens of responses received, but the impressive quality of many of the entries. A panel of experts including the MBTA, academics, urban planners, and mapping aficionados evaluated each of the entries against a set of criteria. The six maps below were the highest rated.

Please review these finalists and let the MBTA know what you think of them—would any of them be an improvement over the current MBTA rapid transit/key bus routes map? With so many new projects opening (new Fairmount Line stations and next year’s opening of Assembly Square Station) and many more in the pipeline (Green Line Extension, South Coast Rail and Silver Line Gateway) the MBTA will need to modify and redesign our system maps. The MBTA may use the map with the most favorable public response from this contest as the new MBTA map, so please be sure to vote!

Click on the map image to open a larger version. You must cast a vote for each map to complete your voting.

Voting will be open until September 20. The MBTA expects to announce the winner by the end of the month.
Thumbnails of each map :

ETA: Twenty designs that didn't make it.

Hat tip: thespian.
Tags: transit
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