Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

We went to Philadelphia. There was food.

In very short, and in order:

John's Water Ice. Yes, we got water ice first. We were thirsty. I got back of throat freeze, I ate it so fast.

Pat's King of Steaks. I'm a Pat's over Geno's kinda guy. Also, Jim's on South Street had a line out the door.

Capogiro Gelato. More frozen dessert. Of course.

Weber’s Famous Root Beer. I was still thirsty, and I love the old drive-in experience. They've been there since 1954. Kicks the snot out of Sonic in terms of both authenticity and taste.

We didn't get to the Franklin Fountain today because again, there was a line out the door. Maybe tomorrow.

Pics may follow as I took some but am too busy tonight to upload.
Tags: food
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