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Nürnberger Bratwurst at Aldi!

Nürnberger Bratwurst were one of my favorite foods in Germany. They were inexpensive and easy to find, both from grocers and at sausage stands. I really missed them when I went back to the States, where they are not so common.

One of my complaints about Aldi USA always was that while they carried some German food, they didn't have these tasty little bratwursts.

Now they do, at least for a limited time.

I went to Aldi yesterday evening on my way home largely because I was driving past and wanted to pick up something for dinner. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that in their refrigerated foods display they had packages of Nürnberger Bratwurst for $1.99 per package of 12:

IMG_7555 uprightIMG_7556 upright
package front and back

Here they are being heated up in a skillet with sauerkraut.

IMG_7558 upright
The German style Sauerkraut was also Aldi's store brand, Deutsche Küche.

The bratwursts are on the salty side but within the range of variation of those I had in Germany. They are actually German and might even come from the same supplier that Aldi uses there. Because they are salty they go very well served with sauerkraut.

The sauerkraut is not simply German-style but actually from Germany also. German sauerkraut tends to be drier than its American counterpart, and it comes in a variety of sourness levels. This sauerkraut was towards the less-sour end of the range in terms of German sauerkraut, which means that it was much less sour than American sauerkraut.

I heated it up in a pan that was too hot, but they still came out ok. I tossed the sauerkraut in after the sausages had browned a bit, but there was much less juice than I expected. Too little juice, in fact, to unlock the rather meager drippings. digitalemur helped me out with that. Thanks! :)

Serve with a dollop of mustard, perhaps a slice or two of dark German bread or a couple of potatoes, and you have a very basic but tasty traditional German meal.

Aldi has the bratwursts identified with a shelf label that says they are a limited time item "while supplies last". I'll be getting some more while I can.
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