Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

On poutine.

This Buzzfeed post has been making the rounds. The comment thread that followed was pretty epic. Two questions I had after reading the thread:

Is the poutine at Saus in downtown Boston any good?

Have the Belgians learned to make poutine with their excellent frites, and if so where can one try them?

I can answer the first question fairly easily and inexpensively, and intend to go over there myself.

For the second, there is the internet. Four years ago, someone asked "Ou en Belgique peut on manger de la Poutine, LE plat québécois par excellence?" on Yahoo! Answers France, but all they got was a recipe. (Other Google hits are mostly about Vladimir Putin in Belgium, not helpful.)

So perhaps not.
Tags: food
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