Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

I thought I'd get some perspective on this weather event...

...so I thought I'd see what the Weather Network had to say about it:

Boston, MA
Current Weather 13:00 EST
1°C Light snow

Feels Like : -6
Wind : 41 km/h

Humidity : 86%
Pressure : 102.09 kPa
Visibility : 1.2 km

Sunrise : 6:49
Sunset : 17:07
Ceiling : 600 ft

24-Hour Precipitation Outlook
30-40 cm of snow from Friday Afternoon to Saturday Afternoon.

Not too bad, eh?

Their home page adds a link to Storm Watch: Major storms for ON, Maritimes and New England - TV has updates..., although the file itself mostly talks about Southern Ontario, with hardly a word about the Maritimes or New England.
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