Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

The dust has now well and truly settled...

...from the wedding chaos last weekend.

The happy couple have been driven to SFO for their honeymoon, the rental costumes have been returned, E has gone back east, the license is filed with San Mateo County...and now I'm realizing I have left some important telephone numbers in Connecticut.

So, here I am in Redwood City, casting about because there are folks I'd love to be able to call (not least of all my cousin) and get together with whose numbers are sitting in a dormant cell phone. What to do?

It occurs to me that some of you are on LJ. In fact, it occurs to me that there may be folks in the Bay Area who have friended me here who I don't even know live out here.


If you are within the sound of my voice (your call as to how far that is) and would like to arrange getting together, feel free to comment back so I can find you.

(Well, it seems like an experiment worth conducting...)
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