Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

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Just broke my third pair of sunglasses...

...so I'm looking for another pair. A cheap pair, clearly, since they don't have a very long life expectancy around me.

Anyone know of a likely place to buy a pair? My current pair look like Oakley M Frames but cost $10 from a guy at a stand in the Staples parking lot in Middletown. (He's not there anymore.) I'm thinking of the folks who sell huge numbers of cheap sunglasses from booths or stands, but anywhere cheap is fine.

Anywhere in greater Boston, Connecticut, or even NYC will do (the latter is least good, because I'm not going there until after the RNC leaves). If you give me suggestions farther afield, that may be helpful but not immediately so, as I'm sure I'll need to buy more sunglasses when I'm there, wherever there happens to be.

Thanks in advance.
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