Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Auto brand reliability. No surprise here.

From Land Rovers have a 71% chance of breakdown, finds used car survey:
The British-built off-roaders were found to be by far the least reliable make, with the self-titled “stylish” Italian manufacturer’s cars second worst, according What Car? magazine and insurer Warranty Direct.

By contrast, Japanese car-makers continued to dominate the top of the reliability survey, with Honda pre-eminent for the seventh year in a row.

The annual survey, of 50,000 cars between three and ten years old, showed Land Rovers had a 71 per cent chance of breaking down compared to just 10 per cent for Hondas. Alfa Romeos were next worst, at 55 per cent, followed by Jeep and Renault at 52 per cent.

However, other luxury car brands, such as Saab, MG, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Audi and BMW were all found to have a four in ten chance or greater of breaking down.
The BBC adds:
Owners of used Hondas have a 10% chance of their cars suffering a breakdown, according to the survey of 50,000 Warranty Direct policies.

US carmaker Chevrolet was the only non-Asian marque to rank as one of the 10 most reliable used cars.

Some 22% of Chevrolets break down at least once each year.

By comparison, the worst performing Japanese brand was Nissan, with a failure rate of 25%, just ahead of South Korea's Kia at 26%.

By contrast, seven in 10 Land Rover owners will experience a breakdown in any given year, the survey said.
British and Italian cars least reliable, and Japanese most reliable? Shocking.

Results are similar in the States, but this survey was just released recently.
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