Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

These moves feel like old-fashioned barn raisings.

Not that I've actually been to a barn raising, but the two and a half (1) moves I've been involved in this weekend: for mattlistener and mudpuppy yesterday, happyfunpaul this morning, and ceo and gosling this afternoon, all had that feeling of a community getting together for some shared effort. There was lots of socializing, and a good meal afterward, too.

So I guess it felt the way I'd heard barn raisings were supposed to feel.

It was fun! Insert "Yay!" sign here--if you were there, you know which one I mean.

Best of luck, people!

(1) I say "half" because we really didn't arrive in time for happyfunpaul's move. I'm glad it got done ahead of schedule, and not just because we mostly missed it. :)
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