Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Çäkçäk and Sachima.

A few weeks ago digitalemur and I were in Brighton Beach. We found a couple of places selling Çäkçäk, or chak-chak (Чак-чак).


The stuff looks an awful lot like Sachima (萨其马), which I grew up eating and I still love.


Uncharacteristically, I didn't just go ahead and buy some to try it, because it appeared to come in pound-lots only and I'd just eaten. Also, sachima goes stale faster than I can eat it, so I was concerned that chak-chak might, too. (In Beijing, you can get it in individually-wrapped single-serving packages, which they really ought to do here.)

I'm very curious as to how the two are similar and how the two are different.

Now it's late enough in the day that I'm afraid the markets in Brighton Beach are going to close before I can buy some. I guess I should wait until my next trip through NYC.

Anyone tried both of these and can report what they taste like? Both chak-chak and sachima are in the Rice Krispies Treat family of food, except that they're made with wheat dough rather than Rice Krispies.

Crispy starch covered in honey. What's not to like?

ETA: Why aren't tasty foods like these on the hundred foods list that's going around on Facebook, anyway? (rhetorical question)
Tags: food
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