Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

Canada will stop minting pennies in April.

Canada joins Australia and New Zealand in ending production of 1 cent coins. Australia stopped minting them for circulation in 1991, and New Zealand in 1987.

From the Globe and Mail:
The last one-cent coin will be minted this April, ending close to 150 years of the issuance of Canadian pennies. This unit of currency was first produced in 1858 although Canadian-based minting of the coin only began in 1908.

The Royal Canadian Mint will stop distributing pennies to financial institutions in the fall of 2012 and the government will work to withdraw one-cent coins from circulation.
If anyone has some Canadian pennies they'd like to sell me I'll be glad to buy them at face value. I'll also pick them up, if you're willing to wait for my next visit.

(For that matter, if you have other random coins lying around, I'd have a look at those too.)
Tags: money
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