Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

The most recent DDoS attacks against LiveJournal have gotten me thinking...

...about some differences between Russia and China.

In Russia, if they don't like what's being said on a site, they launch a DDoS attack.

In China, if they don't like what's being said on a site, they simply block it using the Great Firewall of China (防火长城). LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all blocked by the Great Firewall, as of the current time. (You can use http://www.greatfirewallofchina.org/, a Dutch internet freedom initiative, to see if any given site is reachable from within the Great Firewall. For now.)

This difference says quite a bit about the two societies.

It's notable that when LiveJournal came under attack, the response of Russian bloggers was to move to sites China already blocks.

Olga Khrustaleva, in The Moscow News:
Meanwhile, many bloggers are developing new ways to express and share their views. Some, following Kaspersky’s example, are starting their own websites, while others are creating Facebook and Google+ accounts.
Victor Davidoff, in the Moscow Times:
These attacks resemble military training maneuvers to test various methods of jamming LiveJournal so that it can be quickly and effectively disabled — without shutting down the country’s entire Internet like Egypt did — during an emergency. This plan is theoretically more effective than pulling the plug on the Internet, but bloggers note that if these are rehearsals, they are undermining the plan itself. Now that bloggers’ main communications resource has been brought down again, most of the best-known bloggers have already created mirrors of their blogs on other social networks.
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