Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

While backing up my Google Voice account this morning...

...I stumbled across this amusing exchange I had with someone a few weeks ago.

+1978_______: Hey 9:04 PM

Me: Hey, couldn't read your message. What's up? 7:28 AM
+1978_______: Nothing, just got up. Trying to plain out my day. So you have a facebook? 7:54 AM
Me: Yeah, but my account is messed up. 8:02 AM
+1978_______: Ah, damn. Well you should still add me.(: 8:17 AM
Me: Sure, but who am I talking to? 8:21 AM
+1978_______: L____, the blonde you met in the city yesterday. 8:22 AM
Me: Sorry, you've got the wrong number. :) 8:24 AM
+1978_______: Oh wait who is this then? 8:24 AM
Me: L___. I haven't been in the city all weekend. Nice talking to you, though. 8:28 AM
+1978_______: Are you sure I didn't meet you at ashberry yesterday? 8:29 AM
Me: Don't think so, sorry. Maybe someone gave you a wrong number? I've been at graduation all weekend. 8:34 AM
+1978_______: Oh, well sorry for bothering you. Goodbye. 8:36 AM
Me: No worries. Good luck. 8:39 AM
+1978_______: Thank you. Bye 8:40 AM

I suspect this wasn't a bot, but I still don't know what ashberry is.

I guess talking about being at graduation made me sound like an undergrad.
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