Randomness (r_ness) wrote,

I have some video I would like to upload to a place that isn't as public as YouTube.

It's about a gig of rather grainy firespinning video, two clips from roozle and sunspiral's party tonight, the other fifteen from nafe's luau. The .avi files are sufficiently grainy that I suspect it will be most useful to the performers rather than spectators, but I want it somewhere they can get at it if they want.

(Of my sibs, the best quality video by far is ZB's 2 minute routine; for some reason it's much sharper than that for DH or TH's, although I did get TH's entire 2 minute routine also. I only got parts of DH's, but she is recognizable in it. I thought I was filming when I wasn't in the middle of her routine.)

Any suggestions for hosting options would be greatly appreciated; I've downloaded it off the camera but I would like it somewhere off this laptop, too. As I said, somewhere the performers can access it would be ideal as transferring a gig worth of video isn't something I'd do by email.

Thanks in advance!
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