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I didn't know WGBH had a trance music show!

Actually, they don't. I think it's supposed to be a jazz show. What they did have was a skipping CD.

At about a quarter to two I got in my car and pulled out dpolicar and earthling77's driveway with the radio tuned to WGBH 89.7 and headed home. The music they were playing was uncharacteristic of them: a driving trance beat.

Within a fairly short time I'd come to the conclusion this wasn't intentional, because trance isn't that monotonous, despite what bedfull_o_books and Randall Munroe may say. And the beat was a little off, but not so far off as you'd notice if the music progressed at all.

I left the radio tuned to 89.7 all the way home. I mean, I like trance. I figured that if no one noticed, I'd tweet about it after I stopped driving, but it was pretty likely someone would catch it at the 2AM station ID.

Sure enough, right before 2, it sounded like someone tried to dislodge the repeating CD. Then, when that didn't work, they went to station ID.

Not a lot of staff on at this hour, eh? Or listeners.
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